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Just a Few Testimonials...

Holy Yoga...

When I first met Kathryn and she invited me to her Holy Yoga class. I thought, what is Holy Yoga?... Well for me it was answered before I even started the class. 

This studio sits in a tranquil setting surrounded by trees and as you enter "Willow House Studios" YOU FEEL IT!...PEACE, LOVE, JOY!

Kathryn instructs her Gentle Yoga class with scriptures, soothing music, and soul healing rhythms from her crystal singing bowl that make you aware of how amazingly comfortable you feel. 

You will leave Kathryn's class Relaxed and Recharged!

I LOVE this Holy Yoga class almost as much as I love my new teacher, friend, and sister in Christ! ~ Yvonne Yamauchi

It all started with an invitation to come to a newly developing yoga class. Not just any class but a Holy Yoga class. That sounded interesting? But I was a little skeptical because I haven’t done yoga in many years, and I wasn’t real sure I could get up once I got down on that mat. I had this nudging feeling that I needed to give it another try. It really peeked my interest when it said “connecting deeping with God and to one another through the practice of Holy Yoga engaging mind, body and Spirit”. I just jumped on board. You know the saying “Suit up, show up and God will use you.” What an opportunity to feel better and have more strength and stamina. Kathryn Bonner is a refreshing, flow and meditation leader in this Holy Yoga class. I am truly blessed to be a part of this group of ladies. Kathryn also has a web site that repost the and meditation that she uses with each class. So, you can reread and stay focused on the word as you go through your week. I so appreciate Kathryn’s time and her focus on Christ as she prepares for these classes. Please feel free to join us throughout the week in all or one of the classes she offers.  ~ Debbie Pattison

I have lived with chronic pain for many years trying to manage Fibromyalgia. "It"  has become my weakness both physically and spiritually giving me a good excuse to limit my daily activities. In Paul's letters to the churches he speaks of his "Thorn in His Flesh," causing his weakness but in his weakness God made him strong. He always gave his strength to the Glory of God! Therefore, if Paul can do this so can I! This thought process has worked for me but as I approach the golden years of my 70's my concern is how can I stay limber and not be in constant pain? Kathryn Bonner and her Yoga classes are just what the Great Physician ordered. It has been the best prescription for healing I have ever received. Saturday mornings at Willow House Studios is where all my senses are stimulated and my body is strengthened.

  •  Smell: the odor of Jesus' spirit fills the house with love and peace.

  •  Sight: the smile on Kathryn's face as she greets you fills you with joy.

  •  Touch: the hug Kathryn gives is full of gentleness and kindness.

  •  Hearing: the music playing during the yoga exercises and the crystal chimes she plays reminds you of God's goodness and faithfulness. The scripture she reads as you stretch your body speaks to you in a whisper "You are loved".

  •  Taste you can taste the "Fruits of the Spirit", Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness, Goodness, and Faithfulness. Leaving you with self-control to keep God's temple, your body, healthy!

You do not want to miss out on this experience of love, fellowship, and physical wellness. Holy Yoga with Kathryn has become God's way to help me with "the thorns in my flesh." ~ Vickie Diers

Kathryn Bonner is not only my pastor’s wife but a beautiful friend. When I first met her we connected immediately and became instant friends. As she was nearing the end or her certification journey to become a Holy Yoga instructor she had to teach several sessions to complete her training and she invited me. I had never heard of Holy Yoga until Kathryn. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was quickly put at ease when the session started. She explains the poses and encourages you to use the tools at hand if you are having trouble. Her soothing voice during the scriptures and meditation at the end of the session are so relaxing and you are ready to go out and face the world with renewed energy. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone. I certainly look forward to them each week. Thanks Kathryn for all you do!!  Love ya’ sister!! ~ Sylvia Newby

I have never done yoga before.  At 51 and having an autoimune disease I was not sure this was a good thing for me to try.  After the first class I was hooked.  I was more relaxed and at peace than I had been in a long time.  Now I go as often as I can and Kathryn is great at guiding me through the entire process. ~ Jill Taylor


Where do I start to explain how transformative Kathryn Bonner’s words have been to my life?  Having heard her speak twice, each time I have come away with so many valuable tools.  The first time I was introduced to one of Kathryn’s programs was at my church (St. Francis Episcopal, Houston) to our ladies luncheon.  She spoke about her journey being a pastor’s wife and her personal journey of growth.  Each element was so clear I was able to start my own journey of extraordinary growth and development.  What is so exciting about her presentation was that it was simple to follow.  Each of us in attendance that day benefited personally. BUT I need to emphasize how her words have created a ripple effect upon all the people I have come in contact since applying her words to my life!

   Her second presentation to our church was tailored to using scripture to provide a journaling path.  She gave us the tools necessary to follow the path of our choosing.  Not only were her talks full of humor and information but also they applied directly to each of us where she found us that day.  So whether you are new to the spiritual journey you are on or a seasoned explorer –Kathryn Bonner is a perfect fit. ~ Jane Johnston Mumey – Attorney

Kathryn Bonner has been my life coach, and in my position as Director of Leadership Development for the entire diocese of Texas I have recommended her to many many organizations across the US to speak for or to be a coach for, she NEVER disappoints!  She is funny and really gets everyone thinking in new and beneficial ways! It’s interesting to see how she can speak the profound in one moment and use humorous means the next shedding light in areas that need it. She has interesting life stories that she shares and seems to bring home the laughter and the learning that your audience needs.
Bring Kathryn to any of your groups, either for professional groups or more personal groups and she will blow your socks off!
 –Mary MacGregor – The Episcopal Diocese of Texas Director of Leadership Development

Kathryn Bonner, founder of Women of Passionate Purpose Intl., is a woman of extraordinary faith and vision.  She’s a woman moving on the big screen of life –encouraging and exhorting women of all walks.  She may be small in stature but her spirit is larger than life! If you are searching for a speaker for your women’s events or retreats…Kathryn is a winning choice. She speaks in truth and love, and with wisdom and inspiration. She appeals to all women-no matter what their age or denomination. She is creative and lyrical in her presentations as well as clear, direct, and purpose driven. Her laughter is an absolute delight and her smile lights up the room! Her love ignites all those around her. Kathryn will leave your women renewed, empowered, and transformed. Choose her now!  

Marykay Moore – Pastor of High Mill Church of the Resurrection – Canton, Ohio

"We asked Kathryn to come and speak because she came so highly recommended by someone that I respect.  WOW! We really had no idea how impactful she was going to be for our group! Everyone was able to “participate” in unique ways with Kathryn!

The audience participation was fun as well as extremely insightful AND she really got her points across in powerful ways. She has great ways to make her sessions informative as well as fun!  If you are wondering who to bring to your next event as a keynote I HIGHLY recommend Kathryn Bonner, you will be glad you did! –  

Stuart Bates – Senior Pastor St. Francis Episcopal Church, Houston

When Kathryn spoke at our ladies retreat she brought a sense of perspective I have never known before, she also brought hope that I can change for the better in Christ. Revealing the need for accountability in my life. I would describe her as gracious, genuine, gifted and open. I also found her to be soothing, empathetic and sensitive. The one thing I wanted more of was more time together! – W. McCoal

I so enjoyed Kathryn, everything was wonderful and I loved her personal stories! Kathryn is engaging, authentic gifted and faithful. – C. Speich

At our retreat led by Kathryn Bonner what I enjoyed most was the meditation that she wrote and delivered to us “In the Potter’s Hands.” The things that spoke to me personally was that I was able to discover new feelings and gifts that I had. You were great Kathryn! I found you to be very moving, kind and engaging. OH and I LOVE your CD “IN THE POTTERS HANDS MEDITATION” I listen to it ALL THE TIME and at the end of listening to the meditation I journal what God is speaking to me and He always has amazing guidenance, wisdom or direction for me! SO POWERFUL and PROFOUND! This has CHANGED MY LIFE! Thank You SO much! - L. Crowley

Kathryn brought me a new awareness, learning all of the different pathways of the Holy Spirit and I learned what my dominant path was – loved it! Kathryn you are genuine, authoritative yet gentle and joyful. – M. Wente


Kathryn, you are a human who is touched by God! The thing(s) that spoke most to me during your time with us over the course of our retreat was what you taught about forgiveness, peace, trust. I loved the meditation and long for more of it, so glad that I bought your CD so that I can listen to it often. I would have to describe you as genuine, bold, talented, gifted, professional and spiritually elegant. – C. Leathers

When Kathryn Bonner speaks – you listen! This woman is full of power, love, and God! She draws you into hear what she has to say, with her gentle, calm tone and her endearing smile.  The audience is always drawn to her because of how authentic she is with her expressions and encouragement. I love the passion that Kathryn has in her presentations. She is truly connected to helping others discover their God-given purpose and set plans in motion to accomplish them. This blonde, petite woman leader is a powerhouse full of joy, gifted in what she does, filled with grace and quite insightful. You will walk away from her speaking engagement with inspiration, motivation, and the will to live with passion. 

Dr. Hopelyn Mullings Brown 

I was moved by all of it! Kathryn your words are gracious, loving and heartfelt. I also loved your playfulness and found you to be unique, loving, amusing, joyful and faithful. – Susan


Kathryn, your were perfect for our group, sweet and informative. You are very gracious in your presentation. You make us all feel enlightened and at ease. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and calming mature Spirit with us. You are real and share encouragement with struggles that we all face. It was a pleasure to meet you. I look forward to seeing you again! - J. Bartok (The real blonde  ;-)


I wish we would have had more time! How great it is when women share their faith. You were candid, open and faithful and I loved your blue shoes! – A. Sauvé


"The coaching I received from Life Coach Kathryn Bonner is a truly amazing and life-changing experience.

Her insightful questions and caring demeanor enabled me to reflect at a very deep level on the issues and challenges I was facing.  Kathryn’s coaching approach had a powerful energizing and spiritual effect upon my body and my soul.  Her coaching was like a brilliant ray of light that melted away my external layers and enabled me to see things from my heart and not just my mind.

Kathryn’s coaching skills are superb. She will be both a help and a blessing to anyone she coaches." -

John Campbell, Director of Training for Fortune 100 Company


"Have you ever wanted to find a way to shift gears and begin leading a more fulfilling life? Do you sense something is missing from your life, but just can't quite figure out what it is or how to get it?  If yes, then look no further, Kathryn Bonner of Awakenings Life Coaching will assist you, move you, push you into the very joy of your hearts dream, your true potential, your strength and power!   Kathryn Bonner as a life coach is an informative and supportive guide on your inner journey.  She has the insight and courage to take you to places within yourself where your true power lies.   Coaching with Kathryn will move you to your personal and professional best.  I know her to be a woman of genuine character, integrity and compassion. Kathryn Bonner truly coaches from the heart without judgment, with honor and respect. " -

SH Fadigan, MD, Nashville, Tennessee


"Do you sometimes feel you are fast approaching the “is that all there is?” stage of your personal or professional life?  Do you need help to focus on how you grow?  Are you ready to really pursue your dream, your purpose, your being?

I can make a suggestion on someone who is prepared to do that with you.  Someone who will treat you as an equal and walk with you as you explore your full potential and help you realize it.

Her name is Kathryn Bonner, a successful senior executive for a national not-for-profit organization, who is now sharing her experience and, perhaps more importantly, her spirit in coaching you to what will be a life changing process.  I have observed her coaching many times and know that she has the skills, the desire and the will to be a blessing for you. -

Frank H. Skidmore, Jr., IBM Executive


"Kathryn, has really helped me to realize how to live into my God given destiny. The connection that we have is beyond physical and touches on a spiritual level. She is awesome at helping you hear that voice of logic and encouragement that resides in all of us.  Kathryn has really inspired me to strive for a spiritual and physically fulfilled life.  You will feel her genuine connection from the very first session; this is someone who really cares and wants Greatness for you."

Derrick Hall, IBM Territory Sales Representative


"Kathryn has a very positive and motivating coaching style. There is no beating around the bush, which I appreciate." -

F. Howard


"I am always encouraged to step out of my comfort  zone. Her coaching has brought out stuff within me that I didn't know I had!! She gave me the courage "to do" and not just talk about my dreams. I am actually putting it into action in my everyday life! In a matter of 2 months my life has changed drastically! I'm doing the things I dreamed of! For the first time in my life there is actually momentum going forward! Things are happening for me already!" - G. Zgabay


"Coaching empowers me to move from awareness to achievement and supports me through the journey. Kathryn is a caring person who makes each individual feel unique, special, and capable of achieving his/her higher purpose. I have awakened to my God-given gifts and passion. If you are ready to make a change, I recommend coaching to provide focus, direction, and validation during the change process.  In particular, I recommend Kathryn Bonner as a coach because of her own passion for personal development and purpose." - E.M. Humphries

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