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I love meeting new people and I'm thrilled you've stopped by!

I'm Kathryn Bonner - I am a Certified Holy Yoga Instructor, Certified Intentional Creativity Coach

& a Certified Life/Biz Coach

I am a wife, a mom and a Lolli. My husband Bruce, is Pop & he's a Pastor!  we have two wonderful grown daughters & sons-in-law and four fun fabulous grands that we love being Lolli & Pop to!

A bit about my background... I was Vice President of a nationwide non-profit organization for almost a decade, and have over 20 years of professional experience in Corporate America. I am a published author, I was the host of a daily talk radio show called "Spirit Walking with Kathryn Bonner" in Austin, TX on KLGO The Word.  I am a Certified Life and Business Coach since 2004. I am a Certified Holy Yoga Instructor. I love living life to the fullest and helping others live into their God-given dreams.
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I am a Certified Holy Yoga Instructor, an Artist, a CPCC, (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) trained through the world renowned Coaches Training Institute. I am a Visionary Artist and a Certified Intentional Creativity Coach. Coaching comes very naturally to me and I enjoy seeing each client have those amazing “Ah-ha moments!” There is nothing more thrilling than seeing you come alive, and actually take the steps toward achievement. I am honored and privileged to walk alongside you as you AWAKEN to the possibilities and began making them happen.

I consider creativity to be a sacred path to wholeness and I believe that every soul has a story worth telling. I've been sharing my own insight online since 2004 and teaching art professionally for the last several years.  My work is dedicated to inspiring women to trust their innate wisdom, express themselves bravely and fearlessly in order to embrace life with an open heart.  At Willow House Studios here in Cypress, Texas I offer several Holy Yoga Classes each week, Intentional Creativity Classes, Guided Meditation, and my Registered Trademarked My BlissPlan!® designed to help women claim their true authentic vision for their life, their dreams and to truly begin manifesting their God-given purpose.  As a Visionary Artist and Creativity Coach I provide you with the template, the tools, the support, and the sacred space to shine your SoulLight brightly. I also teach Renewing Your Mind through Art, and teach the Art of Creative Prayer Journaling program.

Coaching coupled with Creativity is life changing! I am amazed at how utilizing a life coach myself brought such transformational change to my entire life! It causes possibility to manifest! Coaching challenges, beyond what we think we can do — and to do those things is so rewarding. Coaching causes you to gain a confidence to go further. It’s amazing what we can accomplish when a coach is used.  


My journey to becoming a coach was truly through the Divine! The way that I became a coach was several years ago when God dropped my first book into my spirit.  I hired a coach to help me break down my own fears, hold me accountable, kick me in the bum when needed, provided someone to brainstorm with, to encourage me in ways that nobody else could.  The process of coaching encouraged the writing of that book, so that I no longer feared it, but rather embraced it!


THAT is a huge part of what coaching does! It causes you to really find out what is inside of you – waiting for us to uncover all the beautiful layers and bring them out. I honestly believe that everyone should have their own personal life/biz coach because so many more amazing awakenings would be occurring in this world if that were the case. I am a believer because of the impact it has had on my own life. I am currently in the process of publishing another book now and also going to step out in the beautiful arena of children's books! 

Part of coaching is what I call “The Journey of Discovery” which is like an inner archeological dig within your soul and this part of the coaching is so much fun! You may not even know what you have inside of you. I tell all of my clients that so much of the coaching is about discovering yourself. You’ll find out more and become more awakened to who God created you to be. We are always going deeper and setting goals and putting actions into place all along the way!  I promise you are going to love the process and the journey of many many Awakenings!

Through all of my years of walking my own faith walk I have honed my gift of intuitive listening and guidance. I walk in faith and bring keen intuition, intelligence, and enthusiasm, humor and love to every coaching session. Coaching is the ministry that God has laid upon my heart to do. I love the process, and the exhilaration of seeing God work through me as the coach and you as the client!

My husband and I have much fun together, we enjoy being married and enjoy each other immensely. We are empty nesters which is an awesome adventure in and of itself! We like it! My husband is an Episcopal priest and we love being in ministry together. I feel like life is always new with each new phase we live into.


I enjoy discovering what’s next in this glorious thing we call living life! Each of us has had struggle of one kind or another, but it’s all for a reason. It makes us stronger, more pliable, and view things from another facet… I believe life is full of choices, and in those choices lay wonderful expectancy!


We all have been given SO much! We need to see the beauty before us, seize the moments, be open, be faithful; take the challenge, the so-called risks! Step out in faith! We can Awaken what is within you together through coaching. I am looking forward to the exhilarating journey...

 Spirit walking with you,

 Kathryn Bonner

 If we live by Spirit, let us also walk by Spirit.

 Gal. 5:25

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