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We are all on a divine journey, and I feel called to create a sacred Space for us to gather,

this is why Willow House Studios came into being.

It is my deepest desire to provide a place where people can renew their mind, body and spirit by connecting to their Truth.  When living in a world that is filled with distractions as our norm, my hope is to encourage healing through strengthening and rejuvenating practices, of art, yoga, focused breathing, meditation, and prayer.  I'm passionate about each of us being light workers here on earth.

Perhaps you have dreams inside you that have been lying dormant for years...
those dreams need to be Re-Awakened so that you are no longer sleep walking through this phenomenal life.

Perhaps you are simply dreaming in black and white and long to dream in living color!

Perhaps you are aware of and can almost taste the possibilities of newness ahead...
And just can’t seem to put your finger on “what it is that needs to be Awakened with in you.” You need someone to bring you into the life that you know you were meant to live! God given dreams were planted in your soul before the day you were born! You entered this life with a purpose. Let's journey together to discover what awaits you on the horizon! Be alive, Be fulfilled, Be Awakened to the possibilities!

Perhaps you know what your goals are but need a nurturing, compassionate, and unquestioning believer in you to push you past the fears...

Kathryn offers Holy Yoga with guided Biblical meditations three times a week. "My purpose is to facilitate you to get in touch with your Mind, Body, Spirit, so that you begin to hear that Radiant Inner Voice and discover your desires of the heart for your life; providing you with the direction needed to “get there.” "I hold a vision with you.  And together, we bring it into being.  I am forever changed because of my journey with Holy Yoga! The practice truly does bring you renewal, strength from within, coupled with sacred meditation and relaxation all at once. It's so good for your mind, your body and your Spirit. 

Awaken and Live from the richness of your heart...
Listen to the brilliant, creativity that lives within you. Kathryn uses all of her giftings in every modality at Willow House Studios weather it is through Art, Holy Yoga or Coaching. Kathryn is a Certified Holy Yoga Instructor, a Certified Intentional Creativity Coach and a Certified Life & Biz Coach... utilizing her skills and gifts she will challenge you in exciting creative ways to choose faith over the fear. Together we find what you already know deep within your soul and inspire you into that freedom, fullness, and abundance. Step into your life, living with Intentionality and become fully Awakened!  Begin today to live into your God given dreams and destiny.

Jointly we will work towards capturing the spirit of who you are and who you are called to be...
Why stay trapped or misplaced? Your radiance is just an instant away.  If you've ever wanted your own personal life coach, mentor, or champion of your dreams- your support system has arrived!  As in sports, all athletes have coaches assisting them to reach their true potential. People need support to survive and thrive in the game of life. As your Instructor & Coach I support and encourage, without passing judgment or holding anything back!  For myself as well as others, I have a passion to experience personal growth and transformation; to live life fully awakened!

Awakening Your Mind, Body & Spirit,

Kathryn Ann Rich Bonner

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